Surface Protection is a glass protection system that repels both water (hydrophobic) and oils ( oleo phobic ). Chemical bonding (Covalent bonding) takes place between the Surface Protection and the glass surface, not molecular bonding (Hydrogen bonding), as in other glass coatings.

This creates a near permanent bond that can only be removed by abrasion and removal of the top layer of glass. This is resistant to UV degradation. Exposure to UV rays does not cause a film to form, nor does it cause a breakdown in the coating.


Scientifically Tested


Accelerated testing, performed to duplicate the effects of continuous cleaning and UV exposure of the coated surface for a 10 year period, concluded there was no noticeable degradation of the water and oil repelling properties of  the surface protection.

The coated surface should continue to perform well after the 10 year warranty period.


Ten Year Warranty


The manufacturer warrants that the  Surface Protection will remain water repellent for a period of ten years from the date of the receipt provided by your installer.




Surface Protection must be maintained as per manufacturer’s instructions to validate and maintain the warranty. If, within the warranty period, you feel that your glass is no longer easy to clean, please send an email and provide a brief explanation of the problem along with your name, address, telephone number and date of installation.

If it is determined that an area that has been treated has not remained water repellent, will gladly provide replacement Surface Protection in an amount determined to be adequate to re-coat the area.

The vendor reserves the right to inspect the glass in order to determine that the product has been maintained in a manner consistent with the manufacturers’ instructions.




Visible streaking or swirling patterns may appear on the glass when the glass is steamed up. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the performance of the surface protection. It is not visible when the shower is dry and not in use.

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